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Dr Imam Juneidi is a General Practitioner from Bucheon, South Korea, who never gets tired of repeating on his blog that no matter how hygienic you try to be with your pig meat, it is never enough, and hence it is time that they stop eating ham across the globe. He clarifies each time that he doesn’t say this because he is a Muslim, but from the medical and scientific point of view. He even adds the photos proving that he is not a practicing Muslim to clarify his claims.

Dr Imam is notorious for promoting Kosher diets on his blog, which I am going to post about in later posts. He once even claimed that the Kosher Diet is really something which was impossible for a human being to have created if it weren’t from some divine help, then he again clarified that he is an atheist and only believes in a scientific view of each and everything, which rejects most of the claims of most of the religions.

Dr Imam writes on his blog that he regularly comes across patients who don’t even know that there is such a thing as testicular cancer or penile cancer that exists. He adds that it frustrates him so much that he goes back to his old ways of online casino (온라인카지노) again. Which he has both a love/hate relationship with, love because it has made him a tremendous amount of money in the past, hate because it wastes a lot of his time.

Dr Imam Juneidi has traveled across the world and although most of the things that he found in Asia and Africa are inferior compared to the Western World, including the knowledge and concerns of the people regarding many issues, he writes on his blog that he is glad that the people in Asia and Africa are as aware of the dangers of dysentery as they are in the US, Australia or Europe.

Air Con Repairmen Making Doctor Money With Sbobet

Mao Hunan is a lawyer practicing in Indonesia. Mao was born in the Semarang City of Indonesia and lived their whole his life. Mao wanted to be a judge since he was little and he studied LLB at University of Indonesia in the hope of becoming a judge one day.
It had been 3 years since he became a lawyer and he hasn’t had a single case to fight since then. Mao Hunan had no rent to pay for the office now, for the last 3 years, he had been using his parents money to pay as the rent.

Now, he was using a room in his parents’ house as his office. The room was a guest room and it was there untouched for over a decade. There was an AC in the room that was over 15 years old which needed immediate aircon servicing badly. Mao asked his parents whom to call for getting the AC repaired as he feared that the AC is so old that it won’t work even after any sort of repair or servicing. His parents told him that Chan Brothers are the best when it comes to any sort of AC servicing or repair, Mao complied and called on Chan Brothers. Chan Brothers repaired his AC and even told Mao to get a website to get more exposure and start betting on sbobet for easy money as well. Mao listened to their advice, got himself a website and also started betting on sbobet and he never made as much money in his entire law career as he does in a day with sbobet.

Lotto SOD 168 Turns Your Life Around – Trinity Ferrari

Trinity Ferrari still remembers how she used to sell girl scout cookies when she was a kid door to door and that’s when she got to know that she is a natural salesperson.

Trinity is 46 now and loving her life more than ever, thanks to lottosod168.com. Trinity was born in Miami to an Italian father and an all-American mother. The couple kept moving from place to place to look for a better livelihood for themselves and their children all their lives.

You may be wondering why is Trinity more happy than ever before at the age of 46. It’s because she is in a better financial condition than ever before, she has been importing convex clock cover glasses from one of the best Chinese companies that has been selling her these glasses at prices unbelievable. After the glasses arrive at Trinity’s place, she sends these to an American clock manufacturing company which then label it as “Made in America”. Trinity’s competitors and the even the clock manufacturing company wonders all the time how she is getting these unbelievably good quality convex clock cover glasses at prices so cheap.

Trinity never married, she is childless and is loving it. Although she donates a lot to some foster care.

Trinity keeps experimenting to stay young forever and she loves it when those 20 year boys stare at her and give her second looks.

Yesterday, she bought some sunflower seeds to see if it works.

Trinity is certain that she will live past 100 and I really hope that she does. She is a great human being along with being an impeccable business person.

When Trinity is not working, she is busy exposing the flat-earthers and the holocaust deniers on the internet. You gotta love this woman for everything she does and I don’t think any man deserves such a great woman, and I think she knows it too and that’s why she never married.

Each Rural Nation Can Turn Rich If The Citizens Start Betting On UFA

Rustam Sellamzada from Semarang, Indonesia, is a full-time trader and part-time gambler, who loves to network with people belonging to different fields, share information and connect people with those they want to reach.

One of the brothers of Rustam is a speaker online who helps people train their minds and interviews successful thinkers. He has concluded that all those have one thing in common, they don’t sleep at night before placing a few bets on UFA.

Rustam writes there is not one ‘correct’ way to strategize for your future with money (regardless of how much it is). In his perspective, he believes firstly you ought to write down your financial priorities. Assuming you do pay off the debts of your immediate family, how much would you be left with? Assuming you have say 600, 000 left, that is still a huge amount. With this amount of money, you have bought yourself time.

He adds that if you pay monthly bills & expenses every month for 10-15 years, without working a single minute, you would still have money left over. You would literally have the time every single day to get good anything you find interesting and become a master at it.

He then quotes “Build your skill, build your value, and you will never need to worry about the money again.”

Rustam has a son, who independently tried to start a dropshipping business. It took him 5 hours to make the website, once he finished, he realised that he needed to create a certified business and the laws in his country make him too young to start a business.

Rustam relies on prestigious tutorials. He never gets tired of repeating that the Youtube can teach you most of the stuff these days.

Rustam did a great deal of research on Mongolia. He believes the country holds a great amount of fortune underneath the soil, but as of now, it is a rural country.

Conspiracy Theorist Believes Mainstream Media Hides Online Slots Success Stories

Luke McIncerny from South Australia, is a Conspiracy Theorist and Gambler, who claims the whole mainstream media is nothing but lies and distraction and one of the proofs is that they won’t show the success stories related to Slot Online Pragmatic 10rb.

Luke doesn’t agree with the claim that the coronavirus was created by the Chinese in a lab. He rather says that Chinese are the victims of this drama. He says that’s because the Republic of China is not controlled by the Jews and hence, they are after it. He adds the whole drama where the media portrayed Kim Jong-Un has some evil dictator was a part of all this. He believes they are cornering the Republic of China from everywhere they can.

He writes that in South of China, they now have North Korea and South Korea as their allies. In the west, they have got India, which is the biggest ally of the USA after Israel. Other than that, they are going to carve out a separate nation which will go by the name ‘Azad Kashmir’, out of the Indian occupied Kashmir, which will be entirely used to fuel the NATO tanks and to attack and hinder China from the west.

In the East, he writes they have the Japan. They have covered China from everywhere he says.

Against the coronavirus hype, he writes that it was discovered in the 1920s; There are too many flaws in the entire story they have been telling us.

Luke adds that the elite running the world is so ruthless. They didn’t care about the fact that the China tried so much to not ruin its relationship with their dearest America; They didn’t even come to the rescue of North Korea and its Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un when they needed the Chinese help so badly.

Luke writes he trusts scientists more than the politicians as they seem to know what they are talking about.

Luke writes it is only wrong when the Arabs do it. When the terrorist attack took place in New Zealand, the media did not accuse the perpetrator of the attack with terrorism, nor did they say “Christian Terrorist” as they do when any Muslim does something bad.

Underpaid Iranians Learning Turkish Just To Be Able To Discover Reliable Carding Forums

Tahir Osman from Antalya, Turkey, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who criticizes the US’ various imperialistic attempts to paint Iran as an evil country that deserves to be invaded. He writes that however it doesn’t erase the fact that the Iranian government has been complicit in various terrible things, both internally and externally. He writes just because Iran wants to expand its influence and interfere in other countries’ affairs, they may be better than the typical US approach of destroying and destabilizing nations, but nonetheless interfering in other nations’ affair for your ‘own benefit’ is wrong and fits some criteria of imperialism, a ‘softer’ version of imperialism, but imperialism nonetheless.

Tahir writes that the Iranian government has also grown unpopular among its people, the economy there is going to the gutter, he advises to not believe the dumb crap from online liberals and Exmoore yapping about how Iranians are fighting for ‘freedom’ and all the crap about women burning their hijabs (only a few ever did that), the main focus from the protests in the Late-2017 and Early-2018 in Iran was over the government’s negligence over the plummeting economy, people are being paid crap. He claims to know many such underpaid Iranians who learnt Turkish to just to be able to discover a reliable carding forum.

Tahir claims that the protests for the economic reasons, IMF liberal policies, corruption, Rouhani not fulfilling promises, inflation and unemployment, etc. He writes there is a reason the protests were initially started as supported by conservative (Anti-Rouhani) elements of the Iranian Government but the protestors quickly turned it into anti-government protests even if the protests have ended, the economic issues still exist today, and so does the resentment towards the Iranian government. He writes while it is true that the US had tried to use the protests as an excuse to invade as a way to ‘help’ the Iranians, it still doesn’t absolve the Iranian Government’s failure to address the people’s problems.

If exporting the revolution is part of empire building then virtually every Arab government and Israel is engaged in imperialism (Saudi Arabia funding renegade Islamists in other countries who literally side with their oppressors when they were committing a genocide of the people). Imperialism cannot be nation states engaging in realist politics (pursuing their self-interest at the cost of the interest of other states). Also that analogy of ‘could have spent the dollar better’ can be applied to every country in the world. I still think Iran has a government that cares about the general well-being of its citizens (just as I think the French Government does the same even if their citizens are not content), never have I made the claim that Iran is a good Utopian country. I still stand by the fact that for third-world countries in a precarious situation, relative to their historical relationship to the Western powers), their political and nationalistic struggle is noteworthy. That is it, hat is all I try to say all the time when someone reminds me of Iran.