Underpaid Iranians Learning Turkish Just To Be Able To Discover Reliable Carding Forums

Tahir Osman from Antalya, Turkey, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who criticizes the US’ various imperialistic attempts to paint Iran as an evil country that deserves to be invaded. He writes that however it doesn’t erase the fact that the Iranian government has been complicit in various terrible things, both internally and externally. He writes just because Iran wants to expand its influence and interfere in other countries’ affairs, they may be better than the typical US approach of destroying and destabilizing nations, but nonetheless interfering in other nations’ affair for your ‘own benefit’ is wrong and fits some criteria of imperialism, a ‘softer’ version of imperialism, but imperialism nonetheless.

Tahir writes that the Iranian government has also grown unpopular among its people, the economy there is going to the gutter, he advises to not believe the dumb crap from online liberals and Exmoore yapping about how Iranians are fighting for ‘freedom’ and all the crap about women burning their hijabs (only a few ever did that), the main focus from the protests in the Late-2017 and Early-2018 in Iran was over the government’s negligence over the plummeting economy, people are being paid crap. He claims to know many such underpaid Iranians who learnt Turkish to just to be able to discover a reliable carding forum.

Tahir claims that the protests for the economic reasons, IMF liberal policies, corruption, Rouhani not fulfilling promises, inflation and unemployment, etc. He writes there is a reason the protests were initially started as supported by conservative (Anti-Rouhani) elements of the Iranian Government but the protestors quickly turned it into anti-government protests even if the protests have ended, the economic issues still exist today, and so does the resentment towards the Iranian government. He writes while it is true that the US had tried to use the protests as an excuse to invade as a way to ‘help’ the Iranians, it still doesn’t absolve the Iranian Government’s failure to address the people’s problems.

If exporting the revolution is part of empire building then virtually every Arab government and Israel is engaged in imperialism (Saudi Arabia funding renegade Islamists in other countries who literally side with their oppressors when they were committing a genocide of the people). Imperialism cannot be nation states engaging in realist politics (pursuing their self-interest at the cost of the interest of other states). Also that analogy of ‘could have spent the dollar better’ can be applied to every country in the world. I still think Iran has a government that cares about the general well-being of its citizens (just as I think the French Government does the same even if their citizens are not content), never have I made the claim that Iran is a good Utopian country. I still stand by the fact that for third-world countries in a precarious situation, relative to their historical relationship to the Western powers), their political and nationalistic struggle is noteworthy. That is it, hat is all I try to say all the time when someone reminds me of Iran.

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